Are you a software developer or ISV?

PHP License Manager Pro lets you:

  control who uses your software
  control where your software is used
  reduce piracy of your PHP scripts
  facilitate e-commerce with PayPal Express Checkout support
  manage licensing and distribution of your PHP script
  control the terms of the license: time-limited, use-limited, free-for-now or required upgrade

PHP License Manager Pro gives you:

  detailed tracking and usage statistics for your software
  maximum flexibility for setting usage restrictions
  real-time, per-client license management
  *NEW* the ability to manage product orders

PHP License Manager Pro is:

  installed on your server
  secure, featuring encrypted client-server communication
  reasonably priced...

PHP License Manager Pro's AJAX interface allows you to view and change licensing restrictions for your software with ease, in real-time.

Users can be presented with one of three licensing models: a time-limited trial, a use-limited trial or a required upgrade at your discretion (see free-for-now). To prevent unauthorized use or distribution, usage can also be restricted to an IP address.

*NEW* Developers and ISV's no longer have to look at third-party carts for e-commerce support. PHP License Manager Pro 1.2 includes full support for PayPal Express Checkout. Simply enter the required details for your product and let PHP License Manager Pro handle the rest! No need to read hundreds of pages of API's! Furthermore, cURL does not need to be installed on your server!

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