Q. What are the system requirements for PHP License Manager Pro?
A. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP).  Apache for Windows and IIS should also work.  Additionally, the server requires an ionCube loader (included) to be installed or dynamically loaded.

Q. How many products can I manage?
A. You can manage one product per installation.  For example, if you have two products using PHP License Manager Pro, then you need to purchase two licenses. However, there can be unlimited activations of your product per installation.

Q. Are server-to-client and client-to-server communications secure?
A. Yes, all communication (bi-directional) between the server and client is encrypted using a proprietary algorithm.   Therefore, Ethernet sniffing tools will only show scrambled text being transferred.

Q. Can I change the licensing restriction after I set it?
A. Yes, you can change the licensing restriction to one of four types at any time via the included control panel.  Please see the included documentation for more information.  All remote licensing activation requests are subject to a default licensing method, which can be set via the control panel.

Q. Can I see your documentation before I make a purchase?
A. Yes, certainly. Please click here.

Q. Do you support PayPal or shopping cart integration?
A. Yes, PHP License Manager Pro 1.2 adds support for PayPal Express Checkout. No other e-commerce solutions are currently supported.

Q. Can I lock a client to a certain IP address?
A. Yes, each of the four licensing restrictions allow you to bind the client to a certain IP address (the one they activate from).

Q. How do I add client licenses?
A. Once a client connects to the server, a license key is created automatically and exchanged. From that point on, you can manage the client's license properties in the admin control panel.

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